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About us

President's Message

We are striving to build an interactive and learning environment for orphans and tribal people. Vatsalyadham is a philanthropic model where children are enabled to discover their potential.

By imparting education, healthcare and vocational skills, we envision gifting a self sustainable future to every child. We work closely for the development of rural areas, ensuring that opportunities are provided equally to everyone. We understand that our future depends on the people, and unity and divinity will take us forward.

We want to bring vigour and idealism to the youth, which we believe are essential to infuse new ideas and transparency in every aspect of life. The youth of today have the potential to become the superpower of tomorrow.

The foundation of Nalanda Trust was laid in the loving memory of our mother, Smt. Shantaben Haribhai Gajera. Since the inception, our philosophy has always been focused on progressive societal growth, with a belief in empowering every soul and lending helping hands to society, we want to spread what all of us want –
β€œOne Happiness!

Managing Trustee's Message

The philosophy of doing well and doing good, basis the core values of knowledge, action and care has served as my organising principle. There is and always will be – a special place in my heart for my roots, my hometown – Amreli, Gujarat.

Working towards social empowerment and quality education are values that my family and I have imbibed through the teaching of our parents. Hence, I strive towards realising our collective dream of serving the community in a meaningful way that makes a difference in the lives of many.

I firmly believe that excellence is achieved through vision, action, dedication, and determination. As torchbearers of social change, making continuous, positive, progress by building a sustainable society that empowers each individual with equal opportunities has been our number one goal in spreading